About Monte Rose


Monte Rose serves as West Coast Facilitator for the HECM Advisors Group.  He has been a consultant and senior executive in the Reverse Mortgage industry for the last 21 years. He has helped hundreds of families obtain a reverse mortgage in California, and had the honor of originating the largest reverse mortgage in history – an $18 million home with a $6 million benefit to the homeowner.

His expertise is providing seniors and their families with in-depth knowledge of the reverse mortgage program, and how it can help meet their specific financial needs.

He holds Real Estate, Life Insurance, and Residential Lending NMLS license and currently leads an Executive Branch of HighTechLending in Irvine, California. In addition to helping clients directly as a senior advocate and reverse mortgage consultant, he has also managed a 450-member national reverse mortgage sales force. Monte is the author of the definitive Mature Market Sales and Marketing guide, GO SELL…GO SERVE. He is a well known reverse mortgage industry expert, speaker, and business productivity thought leader.