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The Choluteca Bridge in Honduras

The Landscape has Shifted!

The story of the Choluteca Bridge is a true and remarkable story about the power of shifts.  Click on Bridge above to read that story.

However in America, our own shift has occurred. Record low rates of returns of CD’s, annuities and savings combined with heavy losses in their investment portfolios has played havoc with literally tens of millions of seniors retirement plans.

Add to the this the uncertainty emerging retirees feel about the Social Security system and the move from defined benefit to defined contribution.

And finally combine that with the introduction of the baby boomer generation into retirement and you have the making of a real challenge.

We know that at least 10,000 per day are turning 62 and they face a 3-fold challenge that will be insurmountable unless they have the best of counsel to help them navigate.

    1. They are Living Longer

    2. They Have Not Saved Enough

    3. The are Highly Indebted

Here a few articles on this site that some have found helpful

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The Good News -The Conversation is Changing!

The good news is that baby boomers have a significant concentration of wealth in Housing.  Nearly 3 Trillion Dollars in Retirement Home Equity!

This has changed the conversation.  Beginning in 2011, though leaders began to take a fresh look at Reverse Mortgages as a legitimate financial planning tools for those at or in retirement.  The research is stunning and significant.  It has turned conventional wisdom on its head. The use of the Housing Asset for the majority of retirees must be placed at the beginning of the retirement planning conversation and not at the end.  On this site, you will find that research and case studies to back up the data. The use of Housing Wealth in creating sustainable retirement plans is something that every advisor needs to understand.

Enjoy the journey.  Feel free to contact us or call 1-800-762-6315 for specifics on a case. Or to schedule a webinar, workshop or lunch and learn.