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“You want your clients’ retirement to be filled with peace of mind– assurance that what they worked hard for will be there for them. Housing Wealth has now become an important part of that discussion. At the HECM Advisors Group, we have spent more than 14 years serving more than 4,000 people. We help Advisors navigate new waters to safe harbors for their clients.




HECM Advisors Group has a Singular Focus:

Since 2000, we have been dedicated to providing truthful, relevant content and conversation about the New HECM Reverse Mortgage to professionals serving people at or in retirement.


Increasing numbers of professional advisors take a holistic approach when preparing long-term financial plans for their senior or soon- to-be-retired clients. They consider all of the factors that comprise clients’ economic profile including family circumstance, personal lifestyle goals, and financial condition. The holistic approach enables clients to make more appropriate financial decisions.

After more than a 20-year history of reverse mortgages and hundreds of thousands of cases, advisors recognize the role that home equity can play in financial planning. The first challenge for the professional is to have truthful, relevant, specific information about reverse mortgages: specific products, case studies, and examples of how other advisors are using them to enhance  lives and solve real problems. Secondly, professionals want to identify competent, reliable, and qualified reverse mortgage specialists  who have the depth, integrity, and experience to join with them to evaluate the reverse mortgage alternative objectively so that it appropriately integrates into the advisor’s recommendations. 

The HECM Advisors Group is committed to meeting those two objectives

Through our network, we provide critical expert analysis from professionals spanning various disciplines pertaining to retirees. We provide articles, webinars, seminars, interviews and live workshops. Don Graves – Principal and Lead Facilitator Monte Rose – West Coast Facilitator and Contributor Dr. Tom Davison, CFP® – Midwest Facilitator/ Academic Contributor Dr. James Johnston – Advisor/Academic Contributor



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