About Dr. Tom Davison, CFP®, CFA

I’m Tom Davison, a wealth manager in Columbus Ohio. The blog fits a long-term pattern I’ve enjoyed for many years – taking a deep dive into different financial tools to see how they fit into an holistic view for the client. In addition to working with clients, I’ve explored areas like executive compensation (e.g., employee stock options, restricted stock, …), company stock in retirement plans (Net Unrealized Appreciation), general tax planning (AMT is a favorite topic), Monte Carlo methods for long-term financial projections, tax efficient investing, Roth IRA conversions, what to do if you hit a stretch of unemployment, and how to help elderly family members who live apart from you. Many of these focus on the intersection of investments, taxes, and lifetime income.

In most of these areas I’ve spoken  at conventions for  professionals, written papers, and applied the work to my firm’s clients. I was a practicing wealth manager since 1998, with a long runway leading up to that. I was in the midst of a wealth management firm, Summit Financial Strategies, Inc. At the end of 2012 I left the firm as what I describe as a partner emeritus. They are kind enough to let me keep an office and visit with them once in a while. I’ve always been a fee-only planner, and member of NAPFA – National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the fee-only organization, and the Financial Planning Association, FPA.

School was a graduate program in cognitive psychology, with an emphasis on experimental and quantitative methods. That was research and teaching. Then I had a job at Bell Laboratories starting as a human factors designer for computer systems soon followed by being a technical manager responsible for developing those systems.

After about 20 years the career change to financial planning happened and the fun really started.


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