How Much Can My Client Get?

NOTE (1/12/19) The calculated figures below are being updated to reflect current HUD pricing changes. For real time information please complete client analysis form Here

Enter Zip Code, Nearest Home Value, Age of the Youngest Borrower and Mortgage Balance (even if its $0) from the Drop Down Menus,
Then hit CALCULATE. 

Note 1: If the figure in the “Estimated Cash Benefit” is a Negative Number,
this indicates that the HECM does not make enough money available to pay off the existing loan balance.
In this case, your client would need to bring that amount from other resources to complete the transaction

Note 2: The above numbers are calculated based upon the specified interest rates, associated with one “general” reverse mortgage program. Changes in interest rates and /or changes in program choice may cause the amounts available to be higher or lower than stated.

For a more complete HECM Retirement Income Analysis
click HERE or call 1-800-762-6315