Cracking the Retirement Income Code – Retirement Longevity with a Divide and Conquer Strategy

An Education Webinar with Curtis Cloke

Cracking the Retirement Income Code

Is there an Optimal Retirement Income Strategy for the mass affluent Baby Boomer? We all know that when a client enters retirement, the focus shifts from saving to managing the distribution of assets. The supreme goal is to make sure that the assets outlive client.

Last I had the chance to interview with good friend Curtis Cloke on our {Ask the Expert} Webinar Series.  Curtis explained that there are four core measurements that can be used to evaluate the success or failure of this goal: net worth, withdrawal rates, reliability of income and free liquid assets and all of these are part of a “Divide and Conquer” strategy to powerful client outcomes. It was a great webinar. I hope you enjoy.

Don Graves, RICP®

Don Graves, RICP®

President and Chief Conversation Starter at HECM Advisors Group/Institute
Don Graves, RICP® is a Retirement Income Certified Professional and one of the Nation’s Leading Educators on the Emerging Role of Reverse Mortgages in Retirement Income Planning. He is president and founder of the HECM Institute for Housing Wealth Studies and an adjunct professor of Retirement Income at The American College of Financial Services. He has helped tens of thousands of Advisors as well as more than 3,000 personal clients since the year 2000
Don Graves, RICP®
Don Graves, RICP®

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