How to Work with Don Graves

Three Ways to Work with Don 

Don Graves, RICP®, is the president and founder of the Housing Wealth Institute, an Author, and Instructor of Retirement Income at The American College of Financial Services. He is considered one of the nation’s leading educators on incorporating housing wealth into retirement income planning. He is retained as a consultant for Retirement Funding Solutions—a Reverse Mortgage company—through whom he retains his NMLS licenses.

Business Consultation  

Don has created and published many excellent resources for advisors and recommends taking the following steps to enhance your Housing Wealth education.

(1) Understand how Housing Wealth fits into retirement income planning strategies.
One-hour reverse mortgage overview course for advisors filmed at the American College.
Don has written two books detailing reverse mortgage strategies–one for advisors and the other for their clients.

(2) Learn how to identify clients for whom a Housing Wealth conversation may make sense.

Is There an “Ideal” Client for a Reverse Mortgage?
In the Housing Wealth Certificate Course, Don explains how advisors can determine if a reverse mortgage could be beneficial for their clients, or if another option might work better.
Don’s book for your clients includes a quiz to help determine if a reverse mortgage could make sense.  In the advisor book, he details how to identify ideal clients.

(3) Acquire the language to introduce the subject matter matter appropriately, ethically, and compliantly (based on your company’s guidelines).

Broaching the Housing Wealth Conversation: The Five Most Important Questions Advisors Can Ask Their Clients
In the comprehensive Housing Wealth Certificate Course, Don gives advisors the language, stories, vocabulary and concepts to have educated, effective and compliant conversations about reverse mortgages.

(4) Schedule a Business Building Consultation 

Ready to incorporate the Housing Wealth Conversation in your practice?  Schedule a complimentary call with Don.  He looks forward to learning more about your business and how he can serve you!  Schedule here.

Client Consultation & Case Design

(1) Request a Customized Housing Wealth Illustration for Your Client Meeting

Don developed the Housing Wealth Illustration software to help advisors model Housing Wealth options for their clients.
After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!  You can view a sample here.
To request additional information, go here.

(2) Submit Client Information for Case Design

Don’s experience in the reverse mortgage arena and his Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation from the American College uniquely equip him for client case design.  He specializes in incorporating Housing Wealth in retirement income plans.

(3) Request a Referral | Connect with a knowledgeable lender who will serve your clients with integrity. 

Don has a business relationship/sponsorship with Retirement Funding Solutions (RFS)—a reverse mortgage company for most states. To request a referral/introduction, please click here.

Either way, you can schedule an introductory, 15-minute phone call with Don.  In the call, he will learn about your clients and particular needs and can connect you with the right loan consultant.  Please schedule at:

Group Education

(1) Education for Groups of Advisors

Don offers a variety of seminars and accompanying continuing education credits.  Please go here to learn more.

(2) Education for Clients

Don does workshops for the clients of advisors all across the country–often via webinar.  He is happy to offer the workshops in person, if 25 or more people will be in attendance, if the event lines up with another travel date, or if the clients are local to the Philadelphia area.  To check his availability, please click here and provide as much information as possible regarding the event.

Articles | Blog Posts | Videos

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Don is the president of the HECM Advisor Group/Housing Wealth Institute, LLC a training and education firm. He also serves as an adjunct instructor at the American College of Financial Services and is employed as a consultant for Retirement Funding Solutions—a Reverse Mortgage company—through whom he retains his NMLS licenses.