7 Ways to Sell More Real Estate – A Seminar for Professionals


  • You Could Sell a Home for as Little as 44% Down

  • with NO Monthly MORTGAGE Payments – EVER!

  • and NO Minimum FICO Score requirements to Qualify

  • and NO standard INCOME Qualifications

  • and It was a Federally INSURED  (FHA)

  • and SPECIFICALLY Designed to HELP Agents to SELL More Real Estate



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  • Not you Typical Continuing Education Class.

  • A Powerful Resource Helping the Super Agent Tap into a 3 Trillion Dollar Market

  • Helping the Average Agent get 1 to 2 More listing a Year

How a realtor moved a senior with a 415 FICO Score and a $150,000 of proceeds into a $350,000 Condo,  No standard asset verification and No monthly mortgage payment!

How a family sold their home for $400,000 and moved into a $300,000 Condo and had $250,000 in cash LEFT OVER. No Monthly Mortgage payments, No Minimum Fico scores.

Imagine you had to tools, training and skills to NOW help any Senior wanting to move anywhere.  Upzise, Downsize Side-Size. Double Your Commissions and Double your IMPACT with this CE Course.

For the first time in its 24 year history, the Federal Reserve Mortgage Program can now be used by Real Estate professionals to sell homes to seniors.  This is no small change! A Senior Citizen (the fastest growing segment of our economy with 3 trillion dollars in home equity) can Upsize, Side-Size or Downsize from their current living situation without having requirements such as a minimum FICO score, standard Asset Verifications OR Monthly Mortgage payments.

The Reverse Mortgage for purchase program was approved as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery ACT of 2008, which enabled the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to create the program in January 2009.

The Reverse Mortgage for Purchase CE is a Must Attend. The course will cover three specific areas:

The Senior Market You Never Knew.  It’s the fastest growing segment in our country and the world. “Why the senior market is not just for the SRES anymore”

The Reverse Mortgage, its History, Function and Growth. “Why every Real Estate professional must understand the Reverse Mortgage if they are to stay competitive and profitable”

The Profound Impact the Reverse Mortgages is having on Real Estate Sales.     

This is one CE Course that will have an immediate and profound impact on your business.  It is one you don’t want to miss.

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